CD DVD Blu-Ray Disc and Videotape Duplication

FRESH COAST Pro Film & Video Services can handle videotape, CD DVD and Blu-ray Disc duplication in any quantity, with quick turnaround. We are equipped for a variety of formats including legacy analog types, and the latest digital video formats. We support 1/2", 3/4" U-Matic, 1", BetaCamSP, MII, miniDV, DVCam, DVCPro, Digital 8mm, D1, Digital BetaCam, HDV, HDCam, DVCProHD, CD-Rom, CD Audio, DVD Data, DVD Video and Blu-ray Disc. Our processing capabilities include time-base correction, image enhancement, color correction and video noise reduction.

We excel at pro quality digital video compression for DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring.

In-house videotape and digital disc duplication capabilities include:

  • multiple industrial pan-format duplicators

  • 1/2", 3/4", 1", BetaCamSP, MII

  • miniDV, DVCam, DVCPro, Digital 8mm

  • D1, D2, Digital BetaCam, CD-Rom and DVD

  • HDV, AVC, HDCam, DVCProHD and Blue-Ray Disc (BD)

  • broadcast-quality four-field World Standards Conversions

  • time base correction

  • chroma noise reduction

  • audio equalization, expansion, compression

  • factory loaded premium tape stock

  • comprehensive quality control

  • any quantity

  • full support for ultra high definition streaming formats in 4K and 5K resolution

Rates upon request.
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